Tonight’s Loss of Equanimity


You’re walking down the street and you come across a fight on the tennis court. You easily pick up from context clues that the players are being assaulted and you feel compelled to take action. It appears that there is a car full of other potential assailants waiting to the side, so, in lacking a martyr-complex, you can’t directly intervene — ignore your Midwestern inclinations. Phone in hand, DSLR in backpack — which do you do?

  1. Call the police and ignore the documentarian impulse — disregard that photographs would create identifying evidence that could lead to the catching and conviction of the criminals?
  2. Get as close as possible to photograph the scene — in become a voyeur risking the fact that the incident isn’t over and someone could get more than just a bloody nose?

Nothing breaks my mental equanimity more than forced passivity.

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