Looking at You, Looking at Me

Screen shot 2010-09-05 at 2.23.44 AM

Welcome to the panopticon — or world with glass walls — or tyranny of Mark Zuckerberg — or Sleeper — pick your Internet-changes-privacy metaphor/simile where potential employers investigate applicants through search engines and vice-versa. Meanwhile, Google, watches us with omniscience.

It’s no secret that I recently put out my resume to one or two interesting places in an effort to pursue some professional and personal interests. Today, I was caught off guard when a few unexpected keywords showed up (‘kiwi project‘, ‘collin david anderson twitter‘, etc.) in Analytics, until I realized the correlation. The walled garden has been breached and one can only hope that the arrangements reflect what they were meant to.

Hello Mr./Mrs. Prospective Employer. Please don’t judge too hastily and feel free to explore. Perhaps we can talk?